Plunk Introduces First Real-Time Home Analytics Platform at Metaverse Event

PropTech startup introduces real-time valuation and market insights to real estate thought leaders during a metaverse event hosted in collaboration with Two Bit Circus, Wu-Tang Clan, and Pixel Canvas

BELLEVUE, Wash., June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Plunk—the first real-time analytics platform for residential real estate—today announced the launch of Plunk Home Value™, Home Ticker, and Market Insights. Plunk will introduce its innovative home valuation and market data tools to leaders in the residential real estate industry at an Omniya metaverse event on June 16th in collaboration with Two Bit Circus, Wu-Tang Clan, and browser-based 3D interactive platform Pixel Canvas.

For the first time in history, real estate analytics will be available in real time. 

"We're thrilled to produce an immersive launch party for Plunk and demonstrate their game-changing solutions through a Web3-enabled metaverse event. VR-powered Two Bit Circus and special guests from the Wu-Tang Clan will make this legendary," said Joey Lee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pixel Canvas.

Plunk is changing the industry's landscape. Traditionally, the data—and associated analysis—employed to inform real estate decisions has lagged by weeks or even months. For the first time in history, real estate analytics will be available in real time.

"No one trades stocks using last month's trading activity. We've created an AI-driven system that empowers residential real estate professionals—such as brokers, power buyers, lenders, and investors—with insights that keep them ahead of fast-changing markets," said David Bluhm, Co-founder and President of Plunk.

Plunk's next-generation home valuation platform analyzes each individual home, utilizing extensive real estate and non-real estate data—which captures buyer sentiment, demand, and the other economic forces acting on local housing markets.

Plunk's unique data sources include macro- and micro-economic data sets, as well as time series data, to reflect the most current market trends and dynamics. Plunk's real-time home analytics platform launches with the following critical benefits:

  • Plunk Home Value ™ — provides an up-to-the-minute estimated value for over 104 million homes nationwide.
  • Home Ticker — the first-ever dynamic home valuation tool shows the value of any home as it changes throughout the day, similar to a stock ticker.
  • Market Insights — a suite of key performance metrics that track and capture local, regional, and overall market performance in real time.

"Plunk is taking real estate tech to a whole new level of accessibility. We've been able to easily incorporate Plunk's real-time analytics into our agent websites through developer APIs," said James Call, RealtyCandy Founder and IDX Broker developer.

To learn more about Plunk's real-time home analytics platform or to attend Plunk's exclusive metaverse launch event, visit the Plunk website.

About Plunk

Plunk is an advanced analytics company revolutionizing the way homeowners, home experts, and investors value and invest in residential real estate—through the next-generation application of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and image analysis. Plunk's analytics empower REALTORS® and residential real estate professionals to be authorities on home value—turning agents into trusted financial advisors and their clients into lifetime customers. For more information, visit https://www.getplunk.com.

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