The Company Aims to Further Promote Education Equality in China

SEATTLE, March 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Hujiang EdTech, China’s leading online education company, attended the 2017 TESOL International Convention in Seattle, USA, from March 21 to 25 as the lead sponsor. During the convention, Hujiang presented its revolutionary ideas and e-learning products, which attracted many teaching talents and business partners.

Hujiang EdTech’s Global Teaching Center director, Yingchun Yue, led the team that attended the convention. Through seminars and exhibitions, Hujiang presented its services to more than 6,000 educators from around the world. The company’s Hujiang Class («HJCLASS») and the Hu+ Project were crowd favorites.

HJCLASS is an online learning platform. Launched in 2009, it offers an extensive range of educational resources including original English courseware developed by Hujiang EdTech and other online language courses, as well as professional training courses. To offer the highest quality education, Hujiang has also acquired a large number of copyrights from Cambridge University Press, Coursera, Harper Collins Publishers, and more.

Hujiang’s technology development matches courses to students based on their knowledge and capacity. «With these intelligent courses, it’s much like the scenario of one-to-one, student-teacher learning. This is what we are proud of about HJCLASS and what makes Hujiang a leading player in China’s online education industry,» says Jason Song, Partner & Vice President of Hujiang EdTech.

While the platform offers opportunities for global teaching professionals to come up with their own classes and create value, HJCLASS also gives students who are not from top universities in China access to top learning resources. This is part of Hujiang’s efforts to improve education equality in China, according to Jason.

Hujiang’s Hu+ Project was launched in 2015 to provide a free online education platform and other resources for elementary and middle schools in rural and underdeveloped areas in China. The project has reached 500,000 students from over 1,000 schools in 30 provinces and attracted many educators, institutions, and non-profit organizations to join forces.

«We hope that by attending events like the TESOL convention, more educators will join us to serve more people in China through our platforms, and professionals from around the world will find more teaching opportunities, help local Chinese students, and create social value. For both the teachers and students, we will offer everything we have to help them reach their dreams,» says Arnold(Cairui) Fu, the founder and CEO of Hujiang EdTech.

About Hujiang EdTech

Founded in 2001, Hujiang EdTech stands out from the booms and busts of the tech scene in China by offering solid answers to the two questions: How can technology change the education industry? What is an educational technology platform, really? Started as an online BBS community offering online courses and now China’s leading online education company, Hujiang EdTech strives to make high-quality education more accessible and enjoyable through mobile learning applications, online courses, and interactive online teaching platform. Serving over 140 million users (including 110 million mobile users) in China, Hujiang EdTech offers a wide range of online educational programs, including international & domestic examination preparation, foreign language learning, professional skills training, and more.

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