VANCOUVER, Wash., April 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — CatEye, the leading manufacturer of bicycle computers, lights, and reflectors, recently announced an exclusive partnership with NetRush, a digital retail agency that manages brands on the Amazon marketplace.

Looking ahead, CatEye and NetRush will focus on developing a stronger connection to the brand’s committed base of cycling customers that are using Amazon to browse, compare, or buy. «CatEye America is committed to increasing brand awareness amongst consumers and adding value for all partners in our supply chain. This relationship with NetRush is another step on our path to accomplishing those goals,» said Bob Daniels, Executive Vice President for CatEye. 

As both an agency and a retailer, NetRush provides its brand partners visibility, best-in-class logistics, supply chain management, and a highly-experienced content team that specialize in optimized storytelling on the Amazon platform.

«We’re really excited to be working with CatEye. It’s a brand with a great story, incredible products, and a wide range of customers. For us, being able to connect these two elements together on Amazon is what keeps us motivated,» said Brian Gonsalves, NetRush CEO. Through NetRush’s retail model, CatEye will be positioned to get the most value from the Amazon marketplace.

The partnership with CatEye marks another step into the sports and outdoor category, where NetRush has been growing with premium brands like Leatherman, Strider, and Nutcase. You can view NetRush’s latest brand video, highlighting its agency capabilities, here

About CatEye
CatEye’s mission is to promote health, safety, and a positive impact on the environment through cycling. Founded in 1954 in Osaka, Japan, CatEye is a leader in the development and manufacturing of cycling electronics and continues to innovate and serve cyclists worldwide. 

About NetRush
NetRush is a digital retail agency that actively manages brands on the Amazon platform. As collaborative contributors, NetRush teams provide long-term solutions that sustain a brand’s health and drive growth on the Amazon marketplace.


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