SEATTLE, Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Startup Intraspexion announced that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has granted and issued seven Deep Learning Patents for a software system that identifies risk and provides an early warning. The patent family is notable in that Deep Learning is the most popular emerging branch of artificial intelligence.

Nick Brestoff, CEO of Intraspexion and the inventor of all seven patents shares the goal of the organization is to reduce the risk of civil litigation against businesses, starting first with the area of employment discrimination. Brestoff, Author of the book Preventing Litigation: An Early Warning System to Get Big Value Out of Big Data, explains how Intraspexion’s patented technology offers the promise of a step reduction in litigation-related legal fees for its users.Our system is functional,” noting that the pre-trained Deep Learning model operates on internal enterprise communications, such as email to find the risky needles that lead to litigation, in an enormous haystack.

“Legal technology bloggers like Richard Tromans have even started calling us the Minority Report for Litigation,” Brestoff continues. “While we aren’t trying to predict, and stop crime, our system does identify risk-laden communications that could result in a lawsuit. We apply Deep Learning to do that.”

Intraspexion’s patents contain 120 claims and cover implementations of Deep Learning to identify general risk two related patents for, medical risk, entertainment risk, contract drafting risks, plus the risk of product defects; and one patent to support the identification of financial advantages like R & D tax credits.

All eyes will be on Intraspexion, as the company is the first to receive such a wide-ranging portfolio of Deep Learning patents. The application is actively running and available for pilot programs or full purchase in the areas of employment discrimination, and other use cases for preventing litigation against businesses.

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