SEATTLE, Feb. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — If you or anyone that you care about has cancer, pay attention. 

All4Cure:  A growing and transparent network of patients, clinicians and researchers, working together to solve cancer.

Humanity’s secret weapon in the war against cancer is shared knowledge. 

The Seattle startup All4Cure has created an online platform that allows every cancer patient’s experience to be crowd-sourced, shared, and learned from.  Today only 3% of cancer patients participate in clinical trials. All4Cure envisions a day when we learn from the experiences of all cancer patients. With an initial focus on an incurable form of blood cancer called myeloma, All4Cure today announced a new goal for its Crowd Funding Campaign on Indiegogo. All4Cure surpassed its funding goal within minutes of launching its campaign, and has now established a stretch goal of $250,000, sufficient to enroll 500 patients with myeloma. The campaign ends on March 2, 2018.

Hematologist/myeloma patient Dr. Tony Blau founded All4Cure “to get cancer before it gets me.”

Patients, family members, clinicians and researchers register at Patients provide All4Cure with access to their medical records from which All4Cure extracts information to create each patient’s de-identified, personalized dashboard, featuring a graph that depicts all treatments and responses.  A discussion panel allows other participants to comment on each patient’s specific situation.  All4Cure has a growing network of >180 myeloma patients and >30 world leading myeloma experts including Dr. Ken Anderson (Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard, Boston MA), Dr. Shaji Kumar (Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN) and Bill Bensinger (Swedish Medical Center, Seattle WA).  Dr. Anderson notes: “All4Cure provides an amazing innovative resource for patients and caregivers to assure that they can receive the most current promising therapies, taking into consideration the features of their individual myeloma characteristics.”

Blau says that All4Cure’s mission is “all for one and one for all. All4Cure can bring worldwide expertise to bear on the problems of a single patient, while using their experiences to advance our ability to understand and treat cancer more broadly.”

If you would like more information about All4Cure please contact Dr. Tony Blau at 206 412 1787 or


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